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Shimla is the most popular hill station in North india

British developed many hill stations, which offered them refuge from scorching summer of Indian plains. The most popular of these hill stations was undoubtedly Shimla, which served as the summer capital of British India from 1864. Shimla grew to become the nerve centre of the Raj with Viceroys choosing to remain at Shimla for almost eight months of the year. Shimla retained its importance well into forties. The crucial meeting between Lord Mountbatten and leaders from Indian freedom movement and representatives of princely states was held at Shimla. This meeting paved the way for Independence and much of what happened in the years just after Independence.
You get to experience the legacy of British Raj even before you reach Shimla through the famous Toy train to Shimla. Toy train that starts from Kalka has completed hundred years in service and to this date remains the most interesting way to reach Shimla. Once, at Shimla, stroll along the 6 Km long Mall Road, which houses buildings of undeniably Raj architecture, will take you back in time to the days of Raj.

Where to Stay at Shimla?

If you are a first time visitor to Shimla, stay in a hotel near to the Mall road so that you can spend evenings on the Mall Road and The Ridge, easily the prettiest commercial district in India. If you have been to Shimla before, consider staying at resorts around Shimla, which have made a mark as popular weekend getaway options.
Shimla has been a traditional honeymoon destination and gets its fair share of honeymooners every year. One of the most popular honeymoon circuits is 2 Nights at Shimla and 3 Days at Manali. We have shortlisted the best honeymoon hotels at Shimla to help honeymooners decide on the best hotel that meets their needs. Apart from many hotels from the private sector,Himachal Government run HPTDC have hotels at Shimla and in destinations around Shimla.

When to visit Shimla

Shimla is a popular summer retreat but in reality it is a year round destination. Peak season for the hotels at Shimla coincides with summer and winter school vacations for schools at Delhi and Punjab. During the vacation months, hundreds of tourists swarm into Shimla
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Things to do at Shimla

1. Kalka - Shimla Toy train ride : "Visiting Shimla is equal parts journey and destination. For optimal snow-clad Himalayan views, chug back in time on the narrow-gauge Kalka Shimla Railway, one of three Indian lines on the World Heritage List." says National Geographic Magazine
2. Half day Shimla walk with noted historian Raaja Bhasin to appreciate the rich heritage of Shimla
3. Evenings at Mall Road and Ridge:The Mall provides a panoramic view of the valley, as people sit on street furniture or at the viewing gallery located halfway down the stretch. You haven't visited Shimla if you haven't been to The Mall ...More

Further Reading

Reputation of Shimla as the place for pleasure-seekers took birth almost with the foundation of the town itself. The presence of unattached ladies, bachelors, flirts, match-makers gave to Shimla its early reputation.... More

Shimla was known as Capua of India, Home of the heaven born, Jewel of Orient and Town of Dreams. Shimla has a rich Heritage which is well explained in the report prepared by the Himachal Government.

The imposing site on which Shimla is built can best be seen from the Ridge, a long, thin, open area that stands at the narrowest point of the bluff. It's a watershed, with rivers on one side running east to the Bay of Bengal, and on the other, west into the Arabian Sea....More at website of well known travel author Micheal Palin