Rohtang Pass and Snow Point

Rohtang Pass: OPEN [Taxi is allowed only till snow point]

  • Only limited vehicles are allowed per day. Please book your Rohtang tour in advance and start early
  • Your tour operator will take care of permits. You can also do it online here
  • Manali - Rohtang Pass Route (distance: 51 KMs) :Manali - Nehru kund - Kothi- Gulaba- Marhi - Raninalla- Rohtang Pass
  • Currently vehicles are allowed only till Gulaba [Snow Point]. Taxi fare : Rs.1,200 small vehicle and Rs.1,500 bigger vehicle
  • Rohtang Pass as well as Snow Point are not well equipped ski station. In fact, amenities are minimum and touts are everywhere. Come with minimum expectations
  • You can hire snow dress etc at Manali itself - near Mall road. You can rent it one night in advance. The full suit will cost Rs. 200 - Rs.325/-. Look for those that appear clean.
  • If you need a guide, pay no more than Rs. 600/- to the guide.
  • Rohtang Pass is closed for tourists on Tuesdays
  • Thanks to road damage near Rahni nullah, vehicular movement is very slow. Urge you to start by 3 AM from Manali.
  • Vehicles with Non Himachal Pradesh registration are not allowed beyond Marhi unless you have obtained special permission from SDM office at Manali

Rohtang Pass Trip - Tips from the expert

  • Rohtang Pass attracts around 25 Lakh visitors a year but is devoid of any basic amenities - no toilets, clean eateries etc.
  • You can hire snow clothes from one of the many shops at Manali itself. Cost per snow suit is around Rs. 200 - Rs.325/- per person.
  • The snow dress will include full body suite, boots, gloves and snow boots.
  • There are literally hundreds of shops and shacks offering snow dress on hire. It is better to hire from a shop rather than from a shack.
  • Please check boots and gloves thoroughly as many are torn. Wearing torn shoe or gloves is dangerous.
  • It is better to go to Rohtang Pass by taxi hired from Him Anchal taxi union at Manali (cost Rs.1,200 fixed by small vehicle and 1,500 by bigger vehicle) than by Rohtang Pass HPTDC tourist bus . HPTDC Bus stops way away from action zone (snow activity) and you need to hire a pony to reach the action zone. This makes trip by HPTDC bus more expensive than travelling in a taxi.
  • Please start early so that you are not stuck in traffic and your taxi can drop you near the action zone. Most drivers are unfortunately not tourist friendly and will try to fleece you. You need to be on gaurd and be firm on what you will pay for snow dress, snowmobile etc.

While at Rohtang Pass

  • Bargain for every activity - skiing, snow mobile, tyre drop etc at Rohtang
  • Skiing at Rohtang is rudimentary and you do not need a guide. Guide will cost you Rs.1,500 and do nothing more than hold you while you pretend to ski.
  • Snow mobiles do not follow any particular track, so please do avoid crowded part of Rohtang pass unless you want to be mowed down by a speeding snow mobile
  • For all the effort of reaching Rohtang Pass, you will stay for only three to four hours. The crowds makes the experience less interesting that it ought to be.

Beyond Rohtang Pass

  • If you have your own vehicle, ask the driver to take you to Koksar, an hours drive beyond Rohtang Pass. You can have your lunch at Dabhas in Koksar. If you are visiting Manali during July - October, the chances are that snow would have melted away. However, it is the best time for scenic drives beyond Rohtang Pass.
  • The best drive would be the iconic Manali - Leh ride on a motor bike. At the minimum, drive onwards from Rohtang Pass to Gondhla to visit an ancient castle that looks straight out of a fairy tale.
  • Once the tunnel under construction is open to tourists by end 2015, Rohtang Pass will be bypassed completly
  • Snow Point

    Snow Point is not any particular location, rather, it is just a stretch of snow on the way to Rohtang La identified by local vendors to set up their stalls. In peak winters, Snow point is at a location very close to Manali.

    As the summer progresses, location of snow point moves higher and higher till it reaches Rani Nullah and then further towards the Rohtang Pass. Enthusiasm of tourists converts snow point into some sort of a snow theme park. Tourists and honeymooners can indulge in various snow activities like Amateur skiing, yak rides, snow scotters and snow mobiles and of course throwing snow balls at one another.

    Attractions enroute Manali to Rohtang La

    • Nehru Kund: A natural spring, 5 Kms from Manali town.
    • Kothi: River Beas runs through a narrow gorge setting up an attractive landscapes with plenty of photo opportunities.
    • Gulaba: At around 20 Kms from Manali, Gulaba is Scenic spot covered in snow and usually termed "Snow Point"
    • Rahla Falls: Attractive waterfall
    • Marhi:Pit stop for breakfast (Maggi Noodles) and to hire snow equipments

    Recommended Manali Tour Plan

    Day One
    Manali local attractions
    Day Two
    Rohtang Pass / Snow Point
    Day Three
    Solang Valley for adventure sports
    Day Four
    Naggar, Manikaran and proceed for onward journey.

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