Delhi Manali Volvo Bus review

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Delhi to Manali by Volvo - 2019 update

I am a frequent traveller between New Delhi and Manali. Article below was penned a while ago and I thought, it is best to update the same

Initially, only HPTDC and couple of private tour operators were running AC volvo bus between New Delhi and Manali. Today, both HPTDC and HRTC operate the service. In addition, around 13 private operators offer volvo bus service from New Delhi to Manali. Also, Scania bus es have been introduced on this route by HRTC

Instead of my earlier vote for HPTDC, my current vote is for HRTC . In my opinion, they are the best Volvo bus operator between New Delhi and Manali. They run well maintained Volvo or Scania bus. Their services are punctual and reliable (they do not cancel the service is there is low booking). Buses are clean, well serviced and comfortable. HRTC bus start from Kashmiri Gate, while HPTDC Volvo bus starts from Mandi House. Most Private Volvo bus start from RK Ashram.

If you do not want to travel by HRTC bus, try Himalayan Nomad KTC Volvo semi sleeper bus to Manali.

I strongly urge visitors to Manali to consider Volvo bus instead of taxi as it is safer and more convenient. You can hire taxi at Manali for sightseeing.

Travel Time : Delhi to Manali by Volvo

Volvo bus takes 14 hours to cover 530 Kms between Delhi and Manali.
Volvo bus start from New Delhi, late in the evening and reach Manali by 7 AM. Timings of Delhi - Manali Volvo Bus

Best Bus Operator offering Delhi - Manali Volvo bus service

Review of Delhi to Manali Volvo bus has to be that of HPTDC Delhi to Manali as that is the best Volvo service

Reliable Delhi to Manali Volvo bus operators [in order of Priority]

  1. HRTC - Faster and little cheaper
  2. HPTDC
  3. Himalayan Nomad KTC
  4. Swagatam
Manali Mail Interior

Which Volvo bus operator - Delhi to Manali

  • General consensus is that HPTDC and HRTC are the best operators on Delhi to Manali route.
  • Swagatam and Harisons Travels offer reliatively plush interiors. Some of their service have personal LCD for each passenger. HPTDC buses do not offer individual LCD seats.
  • If you are travelling to Manali during off-season, book only with HPTDC. HPTDC rarely cancel their service, while private operators are notorious for cancelling the service if patronage is poor.
  • Travel by Volvo bus is comfortable. Last 3 hours of the journey can be hard on those known to suffer from motion sickness. Unlike what you read in online forums, it is not that the bus will be full of stench by the time it reaches Manali.
  • Complimentary water is provided but not blanket

Delhi to Manali Volvo bus service

Boarding Delhi - Manali Volvo bus at Delhi

  • HPTDC Volvo bus : Mandi House, New Delhi
  • Private Operators : Varies but Rama Krishna Metro Station is favoured by most.
  • HRTC : ISBT Kashmere gate

Review of Delhi to Manali Journey

Delhi to Manali Volvo bus ride quality is good and comfortable

Bus ride quality

As with most Volvo buses, ride quality is excellent, comparable or better than that of Indica car (the taxi option). Having travelled by self driven car, taxi and by Volvo, can vouch for journey being comfortable.
Road quality is good except for stretch towards Bilaspur. Unfortunately, the 30 Km stretch takes nearly 2 hours at night thanks to bad road condition and trucks.

Motion Sickness

There are many apprehensions expressed on online forums that people tend to vomit owing to winding roads, making the entire bus journey nauseating. The fear is grossly exaggerated, in all my trips to Manali by Volvo buses; I have never come across such a scenario of it becoming unbearable. Bus conductor provides sickness bag or envelope much like airlines do. This is given to passengers at the start of the trip and in case a passenger does get the sensation to vomit, they do use the sickness bag. Thus there is no risk of entire bus becoming a cesspool of v**it.


If you travelling between October to February, wear warm woolens or carry shawls as nights tend to get cold despite climate control mechanism of Volvo bus. Some private operators offer blankets but they are to small to be comfortable

Intermediate Breaks

Delhi to Manali Volvo service operated by HPTDC stops at Mirchi Restaurant

HPTDC bus always stops at Mirchi restaurant on its onward journey (it takes around 5 hours to reach Mirchi restaurant). Food at Mirchi is expensive but not very tasty. As the first break is late into night, so it may be a good idea to have light refreshments before boarding the bus at Delhi. In the morning, bus stops at a non descript chai place. Bathroom is not very clean at this pitstop but manageable. Private operators also have two pit stop breaks.

Dropping Point at Manali

Main Parking at Manali near Mall Road.

Being a frequent traveller to Manali from Delhi by Volvo, thought will write a detailed review, as online comments in various forums are patchy leading to unnecessary stress for the first time visitor to Manali. Trust the review is useful.

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