Expert review of Manali Hotels

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Accommodation options in Manali by area


Peak Season: April to June and Christmas weekend (book in advance)
Mid Season: September to October
Off season Rest of the year (ask for discounts)

Ask for discounts

Accommodation options at Manali range from simple guesthouses to glitzy star resorts. Except during peak seasons, room supply at Manali exceeds the demand forcing resorts to offer moderate to high discounts.

Honeymoon Specials!

Manali is popular with honeymooners and to help them plan their honeymoon, we have shortlisted Best of hotels and resorts for honeymooners along with all information that will help plan a memorable honeymoon.

Star Resorts with affordable tariff

Most of the premium hotels and resorts are at the northern and western end of the town: Log hut area / Hidimba temple road or at the left bank called Aleo Area. (see Map). We have shortlisted the best of Manali star resorts that have moderate tariff and promise comfortable stay.

Mall Road area

Mall road is busy and popular with tourists as everything is easily accessible. Though, there are many hotels right on the Mall Road, be warned that you will be amidst traffic snarls.

Manali Budget Hotels

There are many budget hotels at Manali. Most of the budget hotels are popular with operators offering what is called as the "Volvo package". Some of the hotels on offer in these packages are outright rejects. To help plan your budget trip to Manali, we have shortlisted the best of Manali budget hotels. Few of them are close to the humdrum of Mall Road while most others offer some amount of respite from the chaos.

Old Manali has many appealing guesthouses

There are many appealing guesthouses in Old Manali area that is favoured by backpack tourists and the adventurous. Old Manali is little quirky and filled with a variety of fantastic people from all over the world. The place is multi-national in spirit, giving it the appearance of Goa in early eighties. Guesthouses of Old Manali have rich character of their own and many of them sport hippie artwork at every corner.

Nothing to beat a secluded cottage

Those travelling in groups or those preferring to stay at Orchards should opt for cottages. They are the perfect resorts for those looking for seclusion, privacy and time away from the humdrum. Many of these cottages are of self-catering type housing a running kitchen. We have listed the best of the Manali cottages suitable for those travelling in groups as well as those travelling as a couple.