Review of HPTDC Log Huts and HPTDC Orchard Huts

The Log Huts, Log Hut Area, Manali, H.P. Phone: +91-1902-253225. .
Review Authored by The Editor.
Spectacular views,rustic charm ...Premium Log huts are an incredible experience. However, Orchard huts and Hamta cottages are avoidable.

There are three options:
• Premium Log huts
• Orchard huts
• Hatma cottages.

Premium Log Huts of Manali have exclusivity and premiumness Premium Log huts : Complete wooden structures with two bed rooms,ensuite bathrooms, living room and a kitchen. They do have an air of exclusivity and premiumness
Orchard huts are not very interesting at allOrchard huts : Orchard huts are built with combination of wood and regular RCC. They do not share the premium appeal of Log huts. Cottages look dated and many cry for maintenance.
Log huts is recommended while Orchard huts may not be a great choice.
Hamta huts acan be avoidedHamta huts, are at a little lower elevation (near Casa Bella and retreat cottages). Location is isolated, cottages are not well maintained. Avoid HPTDC Hamta huts.
Log hut area is an excellent area at Manali.

HPTDC has zeroed in on the perfect place to build the premium log huts. Greenery all around, unfettered views of the mountains and grugling sound of River Beas flowing nearby.

Amenities, toiletries and facilities at the log hut are not luxurious but adequate. Log huts have well equipped kitchen though few guests make use of the kitchen facilities. Each log hut has a private garden area with nice bench, swing etc. HPTDC does provide room heaters for every hut. However, be prepared to brave the cold in peak winter months.

HPTDC organizes breakfast and dinner and serves them either in your cottage or at the log hut.

Our Verdict: 3.5/ 5

HPTDC Log Huts, Orchard Huts and Hamta Cottages : Amenities

  • Log Hut and Orchard Huts have two double bed rooms, a living room with dining area and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Hamta Cottage has one double bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. Very ordinary both in location and amenities
  • Multi Channel Satellite Television is available only in Log Huts
  • Running Hot and Cold Water in both log huts and in cottages
  • Room service
  • Parking within premises
  • Travel Desk : HPTDC car rentals

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