Shivalik Delux Toy Train

Kalka to Shimla Dep 5:30(Kalka); Arr 10:15 (Shimla) Fare:CC: Rs. 280
Shimla to Kalka Dep 17:40 (Shimla); Arr 22:15 (Kalka)
Shivalik Delux express is the pride of Kalka Shimla heritage railway

Shivalik Deluxe : Review

Shivalik Delux Express with plush seats, carpets and large windows offers comfortable and enjoyable ride from Kalka to Shimla. Indian Railways clubs Shivalik Delux in the same category as Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express. Accordingly, price of water bottle, tea and breakfast is included in the ticket fare and the same is served on the train almost right at the beginning. There is only one scheduled stop, at the picturesque Barog station where you can pick the newspaper. The scenery becomes enchanting after Barog Station.

Shivalik Express Interiors

Shivalik Delux has single seats on one side and 2x2 on the other side. While going towards Shimla, choose seats on the right, behind the driver, for best views. Seats are numbered but the attendent has the final say.

Shivalik Express Video

Shivalik Express train Booking

Bookings for Shivalik Express can be made at IRCTC website.
"KLK" is the station code for Kalka, "SML" is the station code for Shimla
52451 /54452 are the train numbers for Shivalik Deluxe Express
Train is in demand, please book tickets ASAP

Kalka Express and Shivalik Deluxe

Shivalik Deluxe Express is the official connecting train to Howrah - Kalka Mail (via Delhi). In case Howrah mail gets delayed, departure of Shivalik Express is delayed at Kalka. Similarly, Kalka - Howrah mail starts late if Shivalik Deluxe arrives late from Shimla Related