Hotel in Kalka near Railway Station

Kalka Hotels

Retiring Room,
Kalka Railway Station
Two basic double room within Kalka Railway Station complex.
You cannot book room in advance. Book at the ticket counter as soon as you alight from your train. Kalka Railway Station Phone Number : 01733-225088
Hotel The Lotus Basic hotel at 300 metres from the station patronized by those who have to catch the early morning Shivalik Delux. Ordinary room: Rs. 650/- ; Delux: Rs. 850/-
Tel: 01733 224 533
Windcross Hotel Kalka's best hotel in terms of cleanliness and amenities. Located at a distance of almost a kilometre from Railway Station. Room rent starts from Rs.1,800/-
HPTDC Shivalik At Parwanoo, 2 Kms from Kalka railway station.
Manager arranges taxi for station drop in the morning(Rs. 150)
Rs.900 onwards Online booking
Shivalik Cottage

You can opt to continue your journey from Kalka to Barog by bus and stay at the specially designed Shivalik Cottage at Barog Station. It is a cottage housed in a colonial building offering panoramic view of Pine forests of Barog.
For booking,contact: Station Superintendent Barog Railway Station on telephone number 01792-238814 (before 3 PM)

Kalka is a sleepy town with little tourism infrastructure and limited accommodation options. Most of the tourists who stay at Kalka are there just for a night to board the early morning train to Shimla.Shivalik Delux and Rail Motor, two of the most popular Kalka - Shimla Toy Trains start from Kalka early in the morning at 5:30 AM. If you are not travelling by Howrah- Kalka mail, you might have to stay overnight at Kalka to catch the early morning toy train.